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Tools and Supplies to exterminate amphipods in your yard
1 Garden Sprayer
2 Insecticide Spray
3 Gloves
4 Safety Glasses
5 Respirator Mask
6 Garden Hose
7 Bug Zapper
8 Insect Traps
9 Garden Shears
10 Soil Moisture Meter

How to exterminate amphipods in your yard

Get Rid of Amphipods in Your Yard with These Simple Tips

Amphipods, also known as lawn shrimp or scuds, are small crustaceans that can be found in moist soil and grassy areas. While they are not harmful to humans, they can cause damage to plants and lawns by feeding on the roots. If you have noticed an infestation of amphipods in your yard, here are the steps to exterminate them:

Step 1: Identify the infested areas
Take a walk around your yard and look for areas where the soil is moist and there is a lot of grass or vegetation. This is where amphipods are likely to be found. Look for signs of damage to the plants or grass, such as yellowing or wilting.

Step 2: Dry out the soil
Amphipods thrive in moist soil, so the first step in exterminating them is to dry out the affected areas. You can do this by reducing the amount of water you use to irrigate your lawn or by allowing the soil to dry out naturally. If you have areas of standing water, you may need to improve drainage to prevent moisture from accumulating.

Step 3: Apply an insecticide
Once the soil has dried out, you can apply an insecticide to kill the remaining amphipods. Look for an insecticide that is labeled for use on crustaceans and follow the instructions carefully. Be sure to wear protective clothing and gloves when applying the insecticide, and keep children and pets away from the treated areas.

Step 4: Monitor the area
After applying the insecticide, monitor the infested areas for any signs of reinfestation. You may need to repeat the treatment if you notice a resurgence of amphipods.

Step 5: Prevent future infestations
To prevent future infestations of amphipods, make sure to keep your lawn and garden well-maintained. Avoid overwatering, and remove any dead plant material or debris that could provide a habitat for these pests. Additionally, consider using a natural pest control method, such as introducing predatory insects or birds, to keep amphipod populations in check.

By following these steps, you can effectively exterminate amphipods in your yard and prevent them from causing further damage to your plants and lawn.

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